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Ein dickes Lob an die "Beiden" von Kurviger / A big compliment to the "two" from Kurviger


ich befasse mich noch nicht so lange mit Kurviger intensiv aber das was ich hier in wenigen Tage erlebt habe ist schon etwas ganz besonderes.

Wie schnell und kompetent hier einem geholfen wird, wie offen @devemux86 und @boldtrn auf Wünsche, Anregungen, Verbesserungen und Kritik eingehen, beeindruckt mich sehr.

Ich stehe auf “Made in EU - Made by Kurviger” und das wird hier voll und ganz bestätigt.

Ich war am Anfang etwas irritiert von den Abo Kosten aber die 2 x 10 Euro/Jahr sind jeden Cent wert!

Danke für das tolle Produkt.


I have not been dealing with Kurviger intensively for so long, but what I have experienced here in a few days is already something very special.

How quickly and competently one is helped here, how openly @devemux86 and @boldtrn respond to wishes, suggestions, improvements and criticism, impresses me very much.

I like “Made in EU - Made by Kurviger” and this is fully confirmed here.

I was a bit irritated by the subscription costs at the beginning but the 2 x 10 Euro/year are worth every cent!

Thanks for the great product.


Thanks for the kind words and support!

And believe me, it is not easy.

Only the website. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Aus welchem Land kommt denn die App?

I have asked Robin at the IMOT about this, and he didn’t answer my question. :wink:
That is OK for me and I accept the privacy of @devemux86.

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In my former life I worked for a big automotive company. They “globalized” the term “made in Germany” into “made by BMW”. So let’s just say “made by kurviger” here?!


Deinen Vorschlag habe ich oben übernommen und wenn ich das richtig sehen kommt die App aus Griechenland.

The app is currently being developed under the :sunny: by the :ocean:


I can only agree with the compliments. If some users would formulate their “requests” here in the forum a little more friendly, it would certainly be even nicer for the developers.
May we know how the Greek-German collaboration came together?


If you look at my profile…

I am the author of Cruiser map & navigation platform
and the developer of Mapsforge + VTM map libraries.
(used by many popular applications)

@boldtrn contacted me and the Kurviger app (based on Cruiser platform) was born.

The project remains 2 people work: @boldtrn on website and @devemux86 on Android.


… dem kann ich auch nur zustimmen.

Thanks a lot for the nice words and your support :slight_smile:

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Bin noch nicht so lange dabei - und heute abend auch erst mal erschrocken, als ich in der neuen Version der Website die gewohnten Menupunkte nicht mehr gefunden habe. Aber nach etwas Suchen, Übung und Eingewöhnung, funktioniert für mich jetzt wieder alles.

Der Look ist cleaner geworden, allerdings ist jetzt mehr Clickarbeit notwendig, um das gleiche Ergebnis zu erzielen wie vorher. Kann die verschiedentlich geäusserte Kritik gut verstehen.

Trotzdem ein Lob für das Gesamtwerk und den konstruktiven Dialog.


I am around since the beta version of the app some years ago, and couldn’t agree more.

A big thank you, guys!!! I would like to help more, but the only thing I could do report some bugs in openstreetmap source, which I even cannot solve myself without help here…

My biggest dream, would be that kurviger would work together with the Triumph connect dashboard (e.g. by an open API), but since Triumph only take the money and doesn’t develop anything, it will be a dream forever…

Thanks a lot,


What a wholesome thread, big props to devs as well from my side :clap:

Never look away, always speak up (nicely), we are our own moderators

I am often shocked what kinds of behaviour other motorcycle websites allow - not even talking about insults, just the regular “banter” and the impoliteness. I will not have that here. I think this forum has managed quite well so far, let’s keep it that way