Editing a saved route on Kurviger

Hi, I am trying to make changes to a route. The route was created and saved on Kurviger / Your routes / Planned for the Future. I use a MacBook and iMac and the Kurviger website.
I am unable to edit the saved route. I see the blue dot but I cannot drag it to a new road. I am out of ideas apart from restarting a new route from scratch. Any help much appreciated. appreciated. Thanks
By the way, great application!

Would you mind to describe your issue with a few more details?

Maybe you could post a screenshot or two that shows the problem?

Probably means that the blue dot on route cannot be dragged on desktop.

You can right click on route or anywhere else and place via points there.

Hi, Thanks for looking into this.
I tried attaching a screenshot but as a new user I am not able to do so.

If I place via points on the new road I wish to take, it extends the route from the end, it does not change the route. Makes sense? Thanks again.

You should be able to share the URL of your route

When right click on the map you should get the following menu:

  • place as start
  • place via point
  • place as end
  • extend route

Which one did you chose?


I think I may have found how to do it.
Basically I need to open the route again, introduce a new ‘intermediate point’ and then drag this new intermediate point to the new route. Save again, etc.
If this was your suggestions, apologies I did not understand it.
Thanks again for your help.

I justed tested this, new users should be able to post an image with no problems.

You could also drag the existing waypoints/intermediate points?