Edirne (Turkey) is still in Europe

Try to get a route from Edirne (would like to get there by car train) to Plowdiw (one of the Capitals of Culture in 2019). Kurviger.de said this is across continents - but it isn’t! See: https://kurv.gr/NlTCv
Just for information - sure I can move the START a little bit … :wink:

Thanks for letting us know :). The same is true for Russia, there we cut the “continent” at the country border and not the continent border. This is supposed to make it easier to plan routes. There are usually longer waiting times at the Turkish and Russian border, so you can plan to the border and another route from the border (That was at least the idea :slight_smile:).

Also see our FAQ entry about this here.

Sorry for the troubles :slight_smile:

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