During navigation: Button to remember current location for reporting map issues later

One feature I love in Waze is that orange button you can tap while driving and it remembers your current location. (You can tap it multiple times during a trip and it will remember each and every location.)

Later, when you’re parked, you can then add details to that location. E.g. report an accident, blocked road OR - and that’s what I’d like to see for Kurviger - report map issues. This would be an easy way to improve OpenStreetMap data by adding a note to the map. Maybe provide a few templates like wrong road surface or speed limit.

Interesting feature, thanks for the request. Currently it’s already possible to add a bookmark on the go. Just long press the map and bookmark the place (I usually don’t give a name at this stage). Later when I parked the bike and put off the gloves I enter some more details so that I can fix the map issue later on. Having a special button would be nice though, but we also need to consider the available space, so too many buttons are not nice either.

Why not making a new window for these big direct action buttons by wiping to the left (wiping to the right would show the navigation again). This was very good done in Navigon Cruiser. You could configure 8 big rectangular buttons with user-preferred features like “enter street stopping” (this could automatically force a re-routing and exclude the current GPS-Position), Save Current GPS position (WOW buttion… with the possibilty to rename it later in order to remember nice places or nice curves, One button for quickly changing the routing profile (should also force a re-routing), one button for quickly adapt fixed zoom-level… Direct buttons have the benefit to not using small menues and sub-menues to get to your goal and do not distract you from watching the traffic…


It’s already discussed in both forums and put in program, that we’ll provide during navigation some nav relevant actions for quick handling (will see the way).