Downloadlink for the beta apk from Kurviger?

As I am using a de-googled (non-playstore) Android device, I am not able to install the beta Tourer app from Kurviger. As I would love to test it, is there link to the latest beta apk file I can then use to install? Thanks.

I have little understanding for requests of this kind - the guys have to pay their rent, too, and it can’t work for free. Without Google, paid content would hardly work.

The Kurviger App uses different Google services that are only available on smartphones with Google Play, so even if we could provide an APK, the app might not work correctly or something might be broken.

@voorstad, did you try

Aurora Store | F-Droid - Free and Open Source Android App Repository ?

Avez vous essayer de certifier votre appareil chez Google, ma liseuse n’avait pas le market mais j’ai suivi leurs instructions et quelques heures après mon appareil était accepté par Google et j’ai pu installer le market. Vous pouvez faire une recherche pour ça.

This is not question of money - @voorstad won’t use google for data security reasons I guess.

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Cela n’aide pas - @voorstad n’utilisera pas google pour des raisons de sécurité des données je suppose.

I indeed use /e/os ( I did pay Kurviger (via the website), so it is not a matter of free as in beer but free as in privacy.

(We all should be less depended from BigTech, so I am trying to avoid Google, Meta, Amazon, etc.)

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@voorstad, I am using /e/OS, too. Did you try to install Kurviger from „Aurora Store“? Aurora Store is available from F-Droid, see my URL in my previous post.

I do not know if apkpure is reputably:

[Redacted by Admin]

I removed your link. Apk websites in general are not reputably and I am doubtful how legal their operation is. We have given Google Play the permission to distribute the Kurviger app, we have not given any other service this permission.

I would really recommend not to use these websites, as there is no guarantee that you will receive the app or if you receive the app with some additional code (e.g. malware).

Aurorastore seems to be legit, so I would rather use this. They seem to wrap Google Play, so chances are, you get the same app would get when using Google Play.

Please note: we don’t provide any support for apps that are not downloaded through Google Play and they might stop working at any time.

BTW: I have published a different app to f-droid. F-droid is a good store, I really like what they are doing. Unfortunately, we can’t publish Kurviger on f-droid.