Download offline maps to SD card

Hi There (mein Deutsch ist nicht so gut),

I’m using a Samsung Galaxy Tab Active 2 with limited internal storage (16GB) and therefore I have added a 256GB SD card. Unfortunately it/I doesn’t seem able to download the offline maps directly onto to SD card. I already tried moving the Kurviger app to the SD card, but the maps are still installed in the internal storage.

(I’m using Kurviger since one of the first releases. Just installed the new app an upgraded to Tourer+. Route making and storing in the Cloude works perfect in te browser.) Since I’m planning to ride around Europe after the weekend and won’t have internet coverage all the time, I would need quite a lot offline apps.


English is fine for all.

Yes, the handling of the offline maps follow a new concept. In my opinion it is much better, than handling the data of whole countries, as I expect at least for me not to be in areas, where there is absolute no WLAN or other internet connection over a long period. Opinion and use cases may differ. :slightly_smiling_face:

In the documentation is a full description.

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Thanks for the quick response. Probably the auto download would be fine. And rather it is more for the ease of mind than a necessity.

But… even while riding in Germany I have noticed areas that only have limited data covarage. On thenother hand we might be spoiled with total 5G in the Netherlands.

(But having the option to change the downllaod location would also be nice - for example as is poasible in Osmand).

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