Don't know how to delete Stops!

I have downloaded GPX files that I want to rework on the Kurviger website.
I want to delete stops (small blue circles connected by red dashes), and I can not.
I manage to change the intermediate points, but not the stops.
Can you help me ?
Thank you.

Hi Paul. The blue points and the line are part of a so called “overlay” that is created when you import something, not your blue kurviger route itself.

You could get rid of them for example simply by refreshing the page with F5, but that removes all of them, not just the points

Alternatively you could change the import settings when importing the file in the first place, next time you do it :slight_smile:

Also you can find muuuuch more info about the import in lots of forum posts, for example here:


The blue circles are the GPX waypoints.
GPX routes are green and tracks are red.

Nice hint! :slightly_smiling_face:
Or can use the delete button and remove only the overlays.

Thanks for yours answers !!! :+1: