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Does the APP use actual OSM data?

Days ago I corrected some OSM items in Saint-Étienne and as always I control it later …
While in WEB my changes give the expected result: (https://kurv.gr/SDwyh)

in the APP I get still the wrong routing:

Up to now I thought the APP is using the WEB server for routing based on the same data.

@ Wolfgang.
In Kurviger Pro (1) it opens correct. (using the link )

Kurviger app provides 2 routing services:

Both routing services use OpenStreetMap data.

The same in Kurviger 2.

I’m confused - with the link it works with kurviger 2.0 … and with the file (
Saint-Étienne.kurviger (920 bytes)
) it is also displayed wrong in kurvigerPRO (1).

Even without the link, by moving slightly a waypoint, it calculates again the same route.

Perhaps you have some difference in the route options?

  • The links calculate the routes using the server.
  • Kurviger files are loaded offline without route recalculation.

Your kurviger file contains a calculated route, like the app image in your 1st post.
It will obviously load like that in the app.

The website may recalculate the routes, even if it loads offline kurviger files.
Which would be weird, since then the routes would not be as the originals were stored.

Okay - now it’s clear to me: I have saved the file at the time of the still incorrect OSM data and not recreated it.
Sorry for the “annoyance” … :upside_down_face: