Does the App subscription include benefits on the website?

I subscribed last spring to the app, but when I try to see my account and use the website at home, I am not recognized and can’t access my stuff. I’m sure it’s on my end as I am pretty tech clueless. Thanks for any help.

See the Kurviger premium page:

“Kurviger offers different premium subscriptions. For the Kurviger website there is Kurviger Tourer and for the Android app Kurviger Pro.”

So I need to pay for both in order to get all the goodies. OK. Will they then talk to each other and share my trips between them? Thanks,


you can access your tours from both the website and the app. However, not directly - yet?
Here’s a description of how I do it:

In my opinion even better than a self-contained Kurviger Cloud, because I can include non-Kurviger users as well.


External cloud is already available, it is more flexible and it is free.
(see above answer, with Google Drive, Dropbox, etc.)

Internal cloud may come in the future as part of a new, more expensive subscription (like other apps).
For more details see: