Distance based auto zoom

At that point ~2km (and depending also screen size) the zoom could be anything (e.g. ~14, not min zoom) in order to contain next maneuver on screen.

That is the current behavior, isn’t it?

The proposal of @Ciutnik was, to fix the zoom level to min zoom until the next maneuver is closer than e.g. ~2km. This could result in a sudden zoom in at the ~2km distance, but that wouldn’t bother me.

Current behavior tries to contain next maneuver inside screen adjusting continuously the fractional zoom scale. On top the min / max auto zoom options are applied.

Correctly, that could / will happen.

Thanks for the interesting proposal.

I think having a min threshold before starting to zoom in, makes sense. I think, we could set this to 1 or 2 km before the turn. I am not sure if this has to be a user setting, it feels a bit like over-complicating things for users?

I guess, once you start to ready yourself for the turn, it is helpful to see more details about the actual turn. If you set your min zoom to a high value like 16 or 17, you won’t see a difference in behavior.

When thinking about it, I think Google Maps has this sudden zoom as well. I also don’t think that this would be a major issue :slight_smile:.

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If I remember correctly have seen some navigator in the past to have speed auto zoom away from maneuvers (e.g. > 2 km) and distance auto zoom when be near (e.g. < 2 km).

So can be more complicated ideas and combinations. :slightly_smiling_face:

On the other hand not all users would like a “split” change of zoom behavior.
And those using small min auto zoom could find it not useful before the 2km.
Also a fixed 2km distance would cause requests for providing length options.

My proposal can be modified to make it much easier to understand, using and implement in the application (as I think):

At this time, auto-zoom can only be set to ON or OFF. Why not add a third state like “Auto ON/OFF”? This setting could turn ON the Auto-zoom for example 2 km (preferably if there was option to set it) before the maneuver and turn it OFF afterwards, returning to the previous, manually set favorite level? In this case, maybe you can rely on the Auto zoom algorithm already built in Kurviger without significant interference in the program code?

Or even easier and “cleaner”!: When you set Auto zoom OFF, the slider will be activated (such as now used to set the extreme levels when set Auto zoom ON), which will set the desired distance the way you like - e.g. from 500 meters to infinity (assuming that infinity is currently).

Currently we (will) have:

  • Auto zoom on / off
    Should remain simple for quick on / off also in nav actions dialog (tap top-left nav panel).
  • Auto zoom mode: Distance | Speed
  • Min / Max auto zoom level
  • Off route zoom level

Could have:

  • Some option for delayed distance auto zoom (discussed here)
  • Min / Max speed options (discussed in speed based auto zoom)
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The current auto zoom algorithm is very sophisticated and does a good job the way it is designed for.
But it has one disadvantage as @Ciutnik has described above:
Basically you can’t see further than up to the next maneuver, no matter what value min zoom level is set to. The smaller the min zoom level is set to, the more the effect is noticeable.


Design is to see up to next maneuver, which normally covers most users.

If need to navigate with steady small zooms, can also disable auto zoom.
Or can think for an extra distance option to delay the distance auto zoom.

Some users may even suggest auto zoom based on some selected waypoint.
The options are endless, we need to stay focused to some sane simple ones.


Reviewing the distance auto zoom, I found a regression causing in some cases more zoom.
Will be improved in next version.

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Looks like this is only designed for portrait mode :wink:
In landscape mode you cannot see up to next maneuver.
Min zoom was set to 12.
Just tested 1.11.3 (Beta) in navigation simulation mode.


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Thanks for the report.

I’ll see if there are improvements also for landscape.

I’m happy that navigation simulation proves to be a valuable friend for testing. :slightly_smiling_face:

If you would generally base the calculation on the smaller side of the screen, this could reduce the effect that @Ciutnik criticized by a factor of 16/9. Min/max zoom level would be applied as is.
And the code change should be minimal :wink:


That would lead in portrait to zoom out a lot while next maneuver could fit in screen in larger zooms.

Kurviger 1.11.4 (Beta) contains a revised distance based auto zoom algorithm.
It covers better all corner cases (without the need of zoom distance threshold).

e.g. above sample route with map rotation on / off in portrait / landscape:


Ich weiss gar nicht, welche Zoomstufe gerade aktuell ist. Kann man sie auf dem Display anzeigen lassen?

I don’t know which zoom level is currently active. Can it be shown on the display?

Zoom level appears in scale bar or above zoom buttons.
Can be selected in “Settings | Map | Map scale”.

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Improved in Kurviger 1.11.5.

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