Display of mountains / hills in Kurviger Liberty

I like to work with Kurviger Liberty. Mountains are displayed by ‘gray shadows’, when zoomed out enough. This goes away gradually the more I zoom in. Compared to the map displayed in the App mountains ar far less recognizable in the web version when zoomed in.
I’d like to have it displayed a bit more strongly when zoomed in.

I know, I can change to OpentTopoMap - but then my eye is confronted with a completely ‘other kind of map’ and it takes a while to ‘re-orient’ myself …

No must have, this is only a nice-to-have :wink:

Yes, we have this better display for mountains and hills on our todo list, but as you mentioned, it’s more of a nice to have right now :slight_smile:

A dream would be a real 3D representation :slight_smile: