Display behaviour when NOT navigating?


I am using the latest (1.9.3) version. Oddly, when I am NOT navigating
the map does not move when my device is moving. Instead, only the
arrow showing current position in the map is moving. Consequently, at some
point it disappears from the map because I moved physically out of the
map segment currently displayed at the screen. Result is that the displayed
map does not resemble the position where I am currently positioned.

Is this deliberately programmed so?
If yes, what is the reason for such odd behaviour?
If no, how can I “fix” it?


What described is follow location mode which obviously cannot be forced to all users.

Can enable it if long press on location button. See also documentation for more details.

Well, you may want to view the map at locations away from your currrent position.
I guess, you would be upset, if the map constantly would jump back to your current position :wink:



If I want to view the map away from the current position
I will most probably stop and concentrate on that.
But if I am moving (driving) the most logical thing to see
is my current position in the map, not something remote.
So this isn’t that odd requirement as it may seem on the
first glance. Actually, I was quite surprised to see it, as I am
accustomed to different experience using other navigation

Thank you! This is exactly what I was looking for. Wether this should be enforced or not is obviously a difficult question… for me it is the most logical thing while moving. But I understand that there are other opinions. This way or another, it is
good to have it and even more good that you can toggle the behaviour.
Keep up the good work! I am relying on this software since discontinuation of the
Navigon Cruiser and I like it very very much.


I think you make a good point Zoran, that would be logical thing to do, from a human’s perspective.
But if I may, let me give you a quick example of when this would break: let’s assume that you phone sensors get a bit confused, your GPS becomes weaker because you put your phone in your pocket.

Then from a computer’s perspective, you just moved a couple of meters. So the screen would always jitter and jump around. To write code around aaaaaall these special cases (is GPS enabled/disabled? are we sure you really moved? how fast? how far?) is incredibly difficult. So most often in software development, we default to the case that annoys the least amount of users :smiley:

Pretty good explanation. I am sold on that. You made the right decision to disabling this
per default and putting it as a configurable option. I should have read all of the manual,
which I didn’t. After using the software for some 2 years I though I knew all of the details
but obviously I don’t! Thanks for your time and effort.


Haha no worries man, as I said, your suggestion is good, sometimes it’s just the software world that doesn’t want to play along :smiley: just a cost vs. benefit calculation, which the developers have to make (just to reiterate quickly, I’m not a Dev for kurviger)

I experienced the same problem but if you stay long enough on the buttom it becomes “violett” and the map is moving around your position, otherwise the map stayed at the initial point and i went out of the map. Hope it helps.