Display and modification of routing options (in navigation mode)

I’m never sure which route option I chose. The app does not show which route option I have selected. I would also like to be able to change the route option on the navigation interface using quick access.

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Thanks for the suggestion, right now we have a clear separation between navigation and planning.

I am not sure that switching route profiles is something many people would do during the navigation? Wouldn’t it be better to exit the navigation, do the replanning and check the result and then continue the navigation?

I would also like it if the separation between planning and navigation was not 100%.

The possibility to make changes to the route without stopping the navigation, e.g. simply insert waypoints (hotel, gas station) or delete them would be good.

If this is not possible: When stopping, position and zoom do not remain in the planning as they were in the navigation, but jump to the view of the entire route. This is impractical because you have to manually zoom to the current position. I would like to see the zoom and position taken over from the navigation view into the planning view.

There is a button for this in the planning view :slight_smile:, so you don’t need to do this manually.

This is already planned, but this is about it for now.

Switching between planning and navigation is fast and easy. I am happy to discuss how we can make the switch even better and simpler. Maybe there is something missing, like automatically zoom to your current location after swichting from nav to planning.

The planning view offers the full power of the planning view with all the benefits, adding a second simple planning layer in the navigation is not really practical in my opinion.

Just think about it, we start with, allowing to set shaping via points. The next request will be to switch curviness and avoidances. Now we need a way to delete the waypoints. And maybe a way to switch the curviness between these waypoints? In the end, we will build a second planning view and to increase the usability of the navigation because now there are way too man buttons and options, we introduce some way to switch between the navigation view and the navigation planning view :wink:

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Thanks for your reply. I understand the implications :smiling_face:.
How about my suggestion regarding the visibility of the gas stations in navigation view (in 3.0.8 Feedback GuG comment 2.)? For me this would do as a compromise. No need to stop navigation for checking the next gas stations in direction of travel …

This is something we have on our list as well. This has been discussed a few times already, so I haven’t quoted this again :slight_smile:

OK, didn’t know. Thank you.