Differentiate between highways

Currently, when you select “avoid highways”, highways are avoided at all cost. How about adding a option for"mild highway usage". This would allow the usage of short highway stretches (<10km) if they would mitigate sending you through the city or would save you tremendous time.

For example, I live near a highway and when I use navigation (with highways disabled), the app always wants to send me 7kms / 25mins through the city instead of routing me over the highway for 3kms.

While this case is not a big problem as I know the area, I usually just take the short highway stretch and then continue with the suggested route. However, when in an unknown area, it can easily happen that you take a long diversion instead of a short highway stretch. (Especially when the highway is the only way across a river in the area)

Isn’t this the default behavior anyway?
In my experience Kurviger usually avoids highways, even if you don’t set “avoid highways”
see here.
But e.g. here the highway is taken, because otherways the detour would be very long.


Yes mild highway avoidance should be the default already :slight_smile:. We could think about adding another option to further fine-tune this.