Different route profiles in Kurviger Pro app

Hey folks,

I’ve been using the Kurviger Pro app extensively two years ago and was quite surprised to see Kurviger switched to a subscription model.
On the website it says the Kurviger Pro app allows you to select different route profiles for segments. However I don’t know how. On the Kurviger website routing planner it says “Route profile for segment” was a feature of Kurviger Tourer and on the app I can’t find the right option to change the routing options for certain route segments either.

I appreciate your help

Multiple route profiles and other new features are available in Kurviger 2 app (with Pro subscription).
The old Kurviger 1 app is in maintenance mode.

More details can be found in the documentation and in the forum:


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In the Operating guide (for app Kurviger 2) you can find the solution:


There in the Operating guide you find a lot of info to avoid problems :wink:.

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