Different route between App on Handy and Webpage

i created in Kurviger pro on the Handy a route over Assietta. When i import the route in Windows, the overlay goes over Assietta, but not the route.

Please share the route.

How exactly do you import it?
With a kurviger file or a kurviger url?
What app version?

Documentation about export / share routes:

At first i exported the route in the apps with the function “Export”
i import with the format “.kurviger” - in the the app and in Windows.
I use the function “Import” and route and overlay as automatic.
The app version ist 1.14.26
I cannot upload the kurvier file. Seems i am a new user.
I created therefor a downloadlink - hope it works

Please share the link with us. We don’t need an upload …

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The .kurviger file is imported “correctly”, that means without recalculation of the route. But if you move e.g. only the waypoint 11 a little bit and initiate a recalculation you get the same route as in kurviger.de:

Probably the export was done some time ago, under “old” parameters in OSM. There, it seems that “motor vehicle=no” has been added recently - which is definitely wrong:

I just took the liberty to correct this …

  • App imports kurviger files offline without route calculation
    → no route changes

  • Website imports kurviger files online with route calculation
    → possible route changes


i checked the help - i have now the right app 2.2.28 - thank you
A last question - if i have a route, which can not be used, may be becaus of closed in winter, can i change or use another the map in the background, if i want to plan in winter for the next summer?
My first question is answered - thank you!

If the road is only temporarily closed, you can always plan the route with Kurviger.
The website (with Tourer subscription) will show it as “possible closed”
Click on the :no_entry: sign to see information


yes it works. Thank you.

BR Jochen