Different folders in select request


don’t know if anyone has already asked, but is it possible that the kurviger app can remember different folders? The background is that I have a folder on the phone with tour data that is regularly synced with the goggledrive, and a folder with the maps. To import maps as well as tours, the app only ever offers me the last opened folder. If it was maps, it was this location. This is not dramatic, but it sometimes happened that I didn’t load a map.



Thanks for the request.

Unfortunately because of the forced Android scoped storage,
apps must use Android file browser (the same for all actions),
which does not have such features.

It does not work with folders and files, but with input / output streams.
And this has broken many nice functions of the past…

aha… safety first… :slight_smile:

According to Google it is for user safety.

So that the apps do not need the old storage permission,
but ask each time via Android file browser to allow storage access.

My routes are stored as .kurviger files in various Dropbox directories and are loaded directly from there. The Kurviger directory on the SDcard I use rather for various .pref files (motorcycle, car, bike) and for changes “on the fly”. I put the maps in a subdirectory, because I don’t change the maps that often:

Maybe I need to change something on Android 11?

It should work similarly on Android 11+.

Android file browser can access external and cloud storage.
You can click + open route files with external file managers.