Different colors of dotted lines

Hi There,

I am a new user since this week.
And I have to say I am very impressed.

I do have two initial question.
After importing an old track from a GPX I get the dotted red line as a track and an overlay of the route.
Great, that way I can keep the track as reference and create a new/better route alongside of it.
But I now suddenly have another Dotted line (Purple) in the route I created. It looks as if another track has been ‘frozen’ in the route I am creating.

Where could this have come from?

Second question is the search for items.
Is there no possibility to search the map for POI’s/Addresses/locations?


Sure, there are the inputs for the points, you can search there:

Thanks all

hello. how do I get rid of the purple route if I dont want it on screen? thanks.

Just do not use the overlay function or delete the overlay. (My answer is as short as your question.)

Apologies if I didn’t explain well enough. I’m talking about kurviger web. I think I understand overlays and how to remove them. However when I plan a route and then save it in a folder, after clearing the screen, say opening another route, I’m left with a purple dotted line of the route I planned. I don’t see able to remove that track. It doesn’t go away if I remove overlays. Thanks.

How do you do that? After your save (I guess it’s the export) the route is still on the screen (btw. there isn’t a dotted line if you planned from scratch), that’s okay. You may erase the screen by using the red paper basket icon, but that’s not necessary, because with the next import everything will be deleted anyway.

That means import, doesn’t it? If you don’t click “extend route/overlay” there should nothing of the former route visible.
But: If you’re dealing with “your routes” I’m out - I don’t use this stuff …

Right now this is only possible by closing the route in the “My Route” tab. This will be improved in a future version where this will become easier configurable.

sorry, that’s not the way it goes for me. please look at the pics in attachment.

open a route that I have saved previously (or just planned), then use the red button to dismiss it (click delete both), and see I am left with the purple dotted outline of the route, which I have no idea how to remove from the screen. thank you

ps. thank you @boldtrn , and how do I do that? in your routes there is a button to delete the route from a folder, but I dont want to do that. I just want to clear the screen to start loading something else or start planning a new route.

There is an arrow pointing to the left, with this arrow you close the route and go back to the route folder :slight_smile: