Differences in Waypoint Numbering of TomTom

I just received an interesting report. Apparently, TomTom assumes the name of the start as Waypoint 1. So the Waypoint 1 from Kurviger will be named in TomTom as Waypoint 2.

If you want to remove a waypoint on the go, this can become mind boggling.

So I am wondering, is anyone here struggling with this as well?

Ich habe gerade eben eine Meldung erhalten, dass es eine Diskrepanz zwischen der TomTom Wegpunkt Nummerierung und der Kurviger Wegpunkt Nummerierung gibt. TomTom zeigt den Start als Wegpunkt 1, den Wegpunkt 1 aus Kurviger zeigt TomTom als Wegpunkt 2 und so weiter.

Wenn man unterwegs etwas an der Route ändern will, dann erschwert diese Benennung das Ganze noch weiter.

Gibt es hier im Forum Leute die mit der Wegpunkt-Nummerierung zu kämpfen haben?

Start / End are considered often “different” than intermediate points.

So between start point and end point, there are the via points.
That’s why have green start, red end and numbered via points.

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The numbering problem came up on a tour recently.
Solution (for me):
I extended my workflow (see here ) by re-numbering in RouteConverter all via points (POSITION - VERVOLLSTÄNDIGEN… - NUMMERIERUNG). Now we all have synchronized waypoint numbers.

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I wouldn’t call it “struggling” but I can confirm this behaviour.

I manage my route library in BaseCamp and the MyRoute-app website. Both of them don’t know “start” and “end” as special types of points. Instead both are just waypoints, so that after importing routes exported from BaseCamp or MyRoute-app the numbers in Kurviger differ from the original.

If you’re aware of this difference you can consider this. If you’re not, you may be struggling with the differing waypoint numbers.

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