Difference in km between requested round trip and proposed round trip

Hi All,

I have a question regarding the km of the proposed roundtrip compared to the requested length of the roundtrip. I had a look if this had been mentioned before but can not find anything.

We are currently three guys looking into this and we understand that a proposed roundtrip with the same parameters will give different routes for each of us.

what perplexes us is the difference in km. in one particular instance a “requested” roundtrip of 222 km generated a 680km, a 480km and another 450km route

Can anyone shed a light on this massive km difference?

Thanks in advance, friendly regrds


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This can happen, especially in regions with a low amount of roads (like mountain areas). That is a side-effect of the way we generate roundtrips.

What you can try is to reduce the avoidance of the same road from 2 to 1. I don’t expect that this will resolve the issue, but might make it less extreme. This requires a Kurviger Tourer membership, you can try this for 7 days for free to see if it helps or not :slight_smile:.

The other option is to change the route manually or to disable “avoid using the same roads twice”.

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Thanks a lot! I’m in a very quiet mountain area in the south of France, so that will be the reason.

Thanks for the advice!