Delete overlay when importing route?

I have seen, that overlays are deleted when importing a route.

For me this is not useful: I plan multiple routes in a region, for that I load several overlays (other routes, driven tracks, mountain passes, …) located in separate files.
If I switch from one route in work to an other (via import) all overlays are gone and I have to import them again :frowning: .
Therefore I would prefer to delete the overlays manually (function already implemented).

Did you use the extend option? The default is to overwrite.

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Ah - got it. There is a change of behaviour compared to Kurviger 2.
So for me it works this way:

  • delete current route
  • import new route using extend option

→ Overlay is kept :+1:

The new philosophy / behaviour might be better - currently I can not judge it yet because I am used to have the old behaviour.

In the old behaviour I had to delete the overlay manually now and then - in the new behaviour I have to set up my whole overlay again, if it has been deleted unintendedly.

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Maybe I found a bug or do something wrong.

  • I choose a route from my cloud “Route Laden”, it appears on the map.
  • The I choose “Route / Overlay Löschen” just “Lösche Route” but erverthing is removed from the map Overlay and Route. Why?

When I import them from a file, I can just remove the Route afterwards.

This is currently the intended behaviour, but our implementation might be a bit confusing :slight_smile:.

The magenta line is the line from the cloud route, the red line is the overlay. You can load an overlay from the cloud like this: