Datenaustausch kurviger App und Browser


ich habe mal eine Frage bezüglich dem Austausch von Routen von der Kurviger Web Anwendung zur App.

Können die erstellten Routen im Browser auch in der App Anwendung aufgerufen werden?

Das übertragen mithilfe von kurz link oder Datei ist doch ein wenig umständlich wenn der Anwender sowieso über die Anmeldung in Web und App bekannt ist.

Gruß Marko


I have a question about the exchange of routes from the Kurviger web application to the app.

Can the routes created in the browser also be called up in the app application?

The transfer with the help of a short link or file is a little cumbersome if the user is known to the web and app anyway.

Greetings Marko

I have the same question, the only way I can transfer the routes from the browser to the phone is through export and then send by mail or whatsapp to myself, after that I can open the route on the phone. There must be an easier way to do it.
Greetings, Ate

Please see the existing answers in other related topics:


I am a little bit divided in my opinion. On the one hand it is of course very easy to get ‘your’ tours synchronized under ‘your’ account.

On the other hand, I also like the fact that you can use links to make your tours ‘anonymous’. In addition sharing via links is extremely flexible.

But I have the following question: I create a tour on the PC using the web version. Here I export the link and send it via e-mail. When the recipient (e.g. myself on my smartphone) clicks on the link, unfortunately not the Kurviger app on the smartphone opens, but the internet browser with the page and the planned tour. I think it would be practical if after clicking on the link the app would open directly (if it is installed) and the tour would be imported directly into the app?

That already works for a long time. The app is among the suggestions to open Kurviger links.

You should check if urls are set to open by default with the browser in your device / settings.

You are right. Today it works as expected. Don’t know why it did not that way yesterday?

Nevertheless: Thank you for your fast reply!