Data in the cloud

Hi, the following issue: if I open the Kurviger website and log me in and open the cloud with my routes I can’t find a folder I created some weeks ago. It simply is not there. If I open a website called “Kurvenkoenig” and go to “Tourenplaner” the folder exists.
This is really strange. Can anybody help me?
PS: that I opened “Kurvenkoenig” was accidently.

Most probably you are signed in with two different users?

Hi boldtm; thank you for the quick answer. I checked in in another device with my google acount - and the folder appeared! Then I tried to check in in my desktop with the exact same command line and I used my google account too, the folder is not there. There’s no logic behind this.
I will keep on tryin to get the folder back on my desktop and I will let you know if I find out what is going on here.
Do you know what the Windows app “Kurvenkoenig” has to do with “Kurviger”?

If you mean the website Kurvenkönig, they use Kurviger to show their routes on their website.

Have you checked if you tried to search in the cloud? Sometimes people miss that.

If that does not help, you can try to clear your browser cache.

Hi boldtrn, you saved my evening. It’s the simple things you don’t do when you should: I cleard the cache and checked in again, everything is there.
Great job, thank you very much.

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