Customise map styles

Hi everyone,

I am really happy about the Kurviger map style feature and I have been using OpenAndroMaps with the Elevate style since the feature became available.

There have been some things that are not quite to my liking, e.g. at what zoom level petrol stations are shown or at what zoom level forest roads are shown and how they are displayed. I tried changing the XML to fit my liking but the modifications (i.e. zoom level) do not seem to bring the expected results.

Has anyone successfully created their own customised map style? I wold also happily start from a less complex starting point since Elevate is already very advanced. Does anyone have any tips or files to get started from?

Thanks and cheers,

What map files do you use, Kurviger or OpenAndroMaps?

The app can read both types of map styles.

Note that the zoom levels are defined first in the map file creation:

Then you can further adjust the zoom levels in the map styles.
Map styles cannot override the zoom levels from map creation.

OpenAndroMaps map files contain POI at larger zoom levels.

Thank you! I think this could be a crucial hint - that the “amenities” zoom level is limited at map creation in the OpenAndroMaps that I use. Then I will probably use the Kurviger maps instead and try to customise based on VTM map style rules.

@devemux86 is there a template or default that I could use as base for customisation?

I think it might make sense to create a public library with custom styles based on preference.

P.S.: I have found this default - is that the one used in Kurviger?

@devemux86 is it possible to show contour lines with VTM map styles? I have not been able to find that information in the documentation.

Unfortunately Kurviger map style is not public.

See also here:

If there are contour lines in the map file.

OpenAndroMaps maps have contour lines (see the Elevate rules).

Thanks @devemux86 - so it seems I am stuck between a rock and a hard place. If I want contour lines I have to use OpenAndroMaps which apparently have certain zoom levels baked in at creation that I canno change. If I want to have my own customised style I cannot have contour lines as they are missing in Kurviger map material.

Can someone confirm that I am understanding correctly?

That is correct.

The zoom levels in OpenAndroMaps and other maps makes sense.
Like OpenStreetMap, they usually show POI around zoom level 17.

Yeah, the devil is in the detail. Petrol pumps show at zoom level 10 on Kurviger but only at 13 in OpenAndroMaps which I wanted to change.