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Custom OSM-based hike routing, with waypoints list

Hi all,

I am looking for a desktop interface for planning custom hiking and cycling routes, thus ideally based on OSM maps. I need this to be able to export the route as GPX, so I can then navigate it using OsmAnd on my Android phone. All my needs are met by Kurviger, which seems incredibly well designed - except of course it’s meant for motorcycles!

My question is therefore: can Kurviger somehow be used also for hiking/cycling, or is such an extension planned by the devs? Else, would anyone on here be able to recommend a similarly-good tool?

The desktop version of OSM (osm.org) does not seem to really allow advanced routing (no dragging&dropping), and Komoot seems to be full of bugs, such as not adding all waypoints defined on the map, to the list of waypoints. Also, brouter.de doesn’t allow listing all waypoints, so that one can rename then, reorder them etc.

Thanks in advance!

Hallo Francesco schau mal ob NavikiNaviki vielleicht was für Dich ist?

Hi Francesco see if Naviki Naviki is something for you?

Hey, thanks for that! The tool seems nice, although I’d need something that can also do hiking. But for cycling, naviki seems great!

Du musst nur mal kurz die Routen vorher “überfliegen”, speziell mit “Mountainbike” steht man auch mal vor einem verschlossenem Tor. Ob das jetzt an den OSM-Daten liegt oder am Naviki-Profil weiß ich nicht.

You only have to “fly over” the routes briefly beforehand, especially with “mountain bikes” you can sometimes stand in front of a locked gate. Whether this is due to the OSM data or the Naviki profile I do not know.

Hi, https://www.komoot.com/ is probably what you’re looking for

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https://www8.garmin.com/support/download_details.jsp?id=209 oder
locus Map free/pro