Crosshair design

Do you prefer the current crosshair (image 1)
or better having something simpler (image 2)?

I do like Version 1


I do like the current version 1 - maybe simply because I am used to it.
Is there a technical reason to change it, or is it just a matter of taste?

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The 2nd image looks less heavy and allows more map to be visible.


I prefer version #1 (current)

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I Prefer version #1

version 1, it’s not to large, but on the other hand you can see it immediately, where it is on the map.
BR juschka

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I vote for #2

I prefer version #1

I like the way I can position the dot in number 1 precisely on the road. But that may just be perception - perhaps number 2 will be just as good for that, and be lighter as well.

Absolut Egal!!!

The first one is better

I like the dot in no 1

i like the dot in image 1 too

No 1 :slight_smile: more precision

First version #1 :+1:

Thanks for the answers, it seems a popular topic!
(the dot really helps in accuracy)

So we can stay with the current 1st crosshair. :slightly_smiling_face: