Create round trip online and then switch to offline (BRouter)

On the android pro version; can I create a roundtrip online and than switch to offline(BRouter) to drive this roundtrip, does that work? Txs for the great App!

Navigation and route calculation are 2 completely different functions.
Navigation is offline regardless of the source of the calculated routes.

However, if you need a new route calculation (rerouting) while driving,
it is performed based on the selected online / offline routing service(s).

Please see also the offline routing guide:

Thank you. I dont fully understand; just if I create a roundtrip online(as that doesnt work offline) can I drive this route offline? Or is that allways offline, and only the creation of the roundtrip is online?

Depending on the selection in “Settings | Routing | Routing service”:

  • Navigation is always offline.

  • Route planning (e.g. round trips) can be offline or online,
    also route (re)calculation when be away from route (and rerouting is on).

If you do not want route recalculation in navigation,
you can disable the rerouting in navigation settings:

See also the manual:

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The best way for me is driving without recalculating.
Disable recalculating, let the App calculate the Route online and have fun offline!


Maybe a stupid question, but if you switch off recalculating you cannot search for a POI (e. g. a gas station) during the tour, correct?

Keine Ahnung. Hab das nie gebraucht. Es gibt genügend Tankstellen da wo ich fahre bzw. zoome ich einfach in der Karte und suche mir so eine.
POI brauch ich nicht. Entweder ich fahre einfach eine Rund oder ich habe eine geplante Tour mit allem am PC gemacht.

No idea. Never needed that. There are enough gas stations where I drive or I just zoom in on the map and look for one.
I don’t need a POI. Either I just drive around or I have made a planned tour with everything on the PC.


Route (re)calculation and search are separate functions, they are not connected.


Thanks for the replies, I was not precise enough. Situation: I am on the road on a pre-planned tour and need to find a gas station. I switch from navigation mode to planning mode on my mobile. I look on the map for the next gas station (or whatever POI) and set it as a waypoint. Then I switch back to navigation mode. I suppose with deactivated recalculation the new waypoint will not be integrated in the existing route - correct?

When you change the waypoints, you make a new route calculation.

It will use either Kurviger or BRouter based on your selection in “Settings | Routing | Routing service”
and internet availability.

The rerouting (and its options) is only used inside navigation,
to calculate a new route from user location to next waypoint.

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Wow, this was a fast answer :+1:

So I mixed again the terminology with navigation and route calculation. Setting a new waypoint in planning mode would integrate it to the actual planned route if I got it right. If I switch then back to navigation mode, kurviger just checks my actual position and asks whether I would like to begin the route at the start point or next waypoint.

But what exactly happens in recalculation mode during navigation? Is this if I leave the planned route, then the recalculation starts and shows me directly the alternative?

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Please see the documentation:

Kurviger PRO: Navigation, Simulation, GPS Recording, Screen Lock, Rerouting, More, Offline use [Kurviger Knowledgebase]

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Maybe a stupid question but if you download the offline Kurviger maps, do you still need BRrouter? I find this confusing to be honest, so I downloaded the maps for Germany and Netherlands (as provided by Kurviger) and added them to the Pro App, but again is BRouter still needed? Thanks for the help

That depends on what you want.
Offline map is for visualisation. You need the map to navigate offline.
BRouter is for calculating new route. This is only needed if you leave the route.
If you switch off recalculation and find the way back to the route just by looking on the map, than you don’t need BRouter.

Navigation (=turn by turn instruction) and route calculation are different things.


Many thanks, this is helpfull, lets try it :grinning:

Are you sure? Devemux86 says something different:

So if you are on the road and switch to planning mode, it will use BRouter in offline mode or kurviger Maps in online mode to recalculate the route. The offline Maps (*.maps files) are only used for visualisation of the map during navigation. Sorry for being kind of a pain but I am still not really sure how it works.

Sometimes a look to the Kurviger documentation helps to avoid issues. Here links to a part of the english and german documentation:

More info for operating the app you find in the manual:


If you add a Waypoint, than a new route has to be calculated. Therefore you need a routing engine. Either BRouter(offline) or Kurviger(online)

For navigation (offline) you only need a map and the precalculated route. As long as the route is not changed nothing else is required.


Very nice explanation! :+1: