Create personal POI like Home

Tried to look in FAQ - no success.
How do I create personal POI like “home” or other places of personal intrest?

Please create the topics in their proper categories. :slightly_smiling_face:

You can use the bookmarks (see the documentation).

Obviously, I did not know the proper category.

POIs are problem in scenic, but bookmarks do not seem to exist on the laptop which I use for creating routes.

Please write more details in your questions, is it about the website or the application?

If you are asking questions for the website or the Android app, then can use their categories.

I am asking for the website.
In planning routes, I am fed up with typing “Heroldsbach, Im Kirschgarten 1” when starting and ending at home, or pointing it out on the map.

Have you tried the Favorite feature on the website? You need to login, then click on “Favorites” then create a Favorite folder, then you can add POIs to that folder, these can come from GPX files or you can just create them on the map. If you have any questions along the way, please let us know :slight_smile:.

I can create a favorite, but how to get it as start of a route with 1 or 2 ckicks?

Click on the POI, select route planner and choose your option. The alternative would be to right click on the map and set it there (but it might be a bit inaccurate, depending on your zoom level).

Clicking on the map to create a favorite (on the website) is great if you know where it is on the map! I am having trouble trying to search the map to add a place as a favorite.

How could this be improved? Are you missing a feature to search for a place?

Hi Frank,
one option can be: Search in Google Maps:
Klick on Cordinates:

Copy & Paste to Kurviger.

I have been a software tester for a number of years, so i am not trying to make this software look like its not good, only showing where things can be improved from a user stand point. I do a lot of trip planning, i usually use a site called Plot a Route, i have over 100 routes there, so having a site like Kurviger can be very handy.

I tried to upload a few screen shots and after uploading them when i selected REPLY i was told i could only attach ONE image. Too many rules for non paying customers. If you want a customer to pay give us the opportunity to improve the product!

Let me walk you through a few things i have found using the website to create a route.

First when i open the website this is what i see:

now when i select the field that is circled in RED below why cant i choose from my favorites?

Creating a Round Trip

When i begin to create a Round Trip on the web site i would like to see the ability to choose my starting location as one of my Favorites.

Second it would be nice if i could also select a favorite as a destination for a round trip. So the idea of this is that we meet at Location “A” and I want to be able to plan a ride thats 100KM in length but i want to have an ice cream stop that i know is about 50km away. You are probably thinking why don’t i just create a ROUTE, but i want the website to choose the roads and to keep the ride within my 100km limit (give or take a few KM).

Avoid main roads

I see some of the avoidances are for paid users but on Avoid Main Roads i am able to select #3 but it also looks like its off, what is it, is it off? Same with avoid motorways, if it is OFF then number 5 should not be checked, same with Avoid Main Roads, if its off then number 3 should not be checked. And the opposite, if i can choose number 3 to avoid main roads then dont show a blue dot in OFF.



Thanks a lot for the feedback.

That’s because you are new in the forum. This is to avoid new users to spam the forum. That’s a default rule of the forum software. I upgraded you, you should be able to post more images now.

You mean, you would like to choose from a list of your favorites in the waypoint input field? That is a feature that is on the todo list, but it’s not available yet.

Right now you can click on a favorite on the map and select it as destination or go to Cloud, Favorites, the Favorite folder, and select the Favorite.

Same answer as above :slight_smile:.

That’s a feature that is requested from time to time, right now that’s not possible, but you can do this manuall.

Plan a roundtrip, for example choose 80km in about the direction of the ice cream place and then add a via point manually at the ice cream place. Kurviger will include this on the route, but still partly use the generated round trips.

Off means no avoidance. 5 is a strong avoidance, 1 is a weak avoidances. If it’s off, then off should be checked. If it’s enabled then the number is selected. In you screenshot the blue avoidances with the numbers next to them are enabled, the black ones are off.

I tried to import bookmarks from the app into the cloud. An error came up “Cannot store more than 300 favorites per collection”

Yes, that is the current limit of number of favorites per folder, also see this thread: Cannot store more than 250 favorites per collection / Kann nicht mehr als 250 Favoriten pro POI-Ordner speichern