Create new route and GREY screen

Failed to fetch

Today made a new route, and after close the app 2 or 3 times, not everyone was ready yet, so i start again and this times i got a completely grey screen (samsung S20+). Removed the cache and tried again. Then problems to load the route and after 1 minute it works.

During the route, 138km, 2.38 hour, no problems.

But… if i zoom in, i want to KEEP it at the zoom position, and not after…it goes back to normal screen. HOW???

for the rest, im happy with MRA, even here in Thailand as you can look places in normal english words and not in Thai writing, as they are using with Calimoto.

(Debug information, this helps us helping you, you can remove this if you don’t want to share this data, it should not contain any personal or sensitive information)
Device: samsung - SM-G985F - Android: 13 - WebView: 115.0.5790.166
App-Version: 3.1.0 - 1331
Screen: 360 x 800 px - 3dppx

Deactivate auto zoom!
In settings → navigation settings:

Thanks, :+1::+1::+1: