Copilot export from Android kurviger pro app not working

Hi there, the copilot 9 export is not working. I export with “Many” waypoints (the route option is selected and cannot be changed as it’s greyed out) and the resulting file has no waypoints when loaded into copilot. This used to work great. Let me know if there’s anything I can do to help diagnose…
I am using the kurviger pro app on Android Moto g phone

bei mir funktioniert der Export in eine trp Datei (Copilot) auch nicht mehr. Die exportierte Route lässt sich nicht mit Copilot V9 oder V10 öffnen.

Gruß Oliver

Thanks for the report, it will be fixed in next app version. :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks for the report. Could you check if the export from the website works?

Yep, website version works great.

der Export auf der Website funktioniert.
Ist anscheinend nur ein Problem in der App.

Gruß Oliver

Thanks for the feedback. We could identify the issue and it will be fixed with the next version.

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Ok, good news, thanks for the fast responses.

Fixed in Kurviger 1.8.


Quick work. We’ll done. I’ll wait for the update to come down. Thanks

Ok, I got v1.8 and the export works but it doesn’t let me specify the number of waypoints. The “few” “several” & “many” options result in different numbers of waypoints as expected. Good work. Thank you.

However I can’t specify a count. E.g. I might want 70 waypoints so that copilot respects the route more closely. However only a max of 25 waypoints are exported using the “many” option. Similar results from app and website so I guess this might be considered an enhancement.
If it is then I would suggest changing the “count” option to be distance between waypoints or similar. E.g. I can say I would like a waypoint every 500 meters.

I hope this makes sense.
I’ll happily open a new thread for this if you like.

Additional waypoints (fixed or count) should work in all supported formats.
But their applied final number is often affected from the route actual length.

i.e. has little meaning to split a short route with too many additional waypoints.

I understand (and I would normally agree). However, the routing methodology in some dedicated sat navs like copilot or tom tom result in them no respecting the exported route unless I add numerous extra waypoints. E.g. I have a Kurviger route from Nice to Briancon of 170 miles. But copilot creates a route 300 miles long unless I add further waypoints (even if I tweak the copilot preferences). I realise you guys can’t be responsible for how other tools interpret the routing but if I could choose to export 50 waypoints at fixed intervals it would make my lazy life easier. Most of the time, your export works fine with little need for changes but for the curvier routes copilot gets a bit messy.

I understand if it’s not a feature you like. Just thought I would suggest it.

Thanks for the fast replies.

I just checked this example. If you choose many waypoints, Kurviger creates about 30 waypoints. These waypoints seem to be placed mostly all right. I wonder how Copilot ends up calculating a 300 mile trip out of these 30 waypoints? Is there a problematic waypoint?

Unfortunately suche a feature usually creates more issues than actually solving problems. Waypoints might be placed on intersections or due to the difference of used road data, the chance of a waypoint being on the wrong road are massively increased. Therefore Kurviger tries to limit the amount of waypoints it automatically generates.

Good question, I didn’t closely check the positioning. Let me experiment a while.

Ah hah! It didn’t take as long as I thought. My route runs along the d64 in France and it looks like that might be seasonally closed right now so copilot is routing up to the last waypoint before the closed part and then going back and round west then returning to the next waypoint. So you were right, 30 waypoints would normally have worked fine and probably will in a less “closure aware” nav app.

Thanks for looking into it.

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Yes you are right, two parts of the road seem to be seasonally closed.

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