Coordinates from ie. Google to Kurviger


I have tried Google and searching here for an answer, but with no luck.

Often I find a location in google maps that I want to drive to using Kurviger.
I copy the coordinate to the location from google with the format “12,34567, 98,76543”.

I have tried to paste this into kurviger search, but can not get it to work. I have tried various changes to the format, but still no luck.

  • “12.34567, 98.76543”
  • “12.34567 98.76543”
  • “12,34567 98,76543”

Is it possible to search for and/or enter coordinates for end or via points in kurviger?

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Do you mean in the app or the website?

In the app can use the menu “Tools | Go to” to make the map scroll / zoom at specific location.

Note that coordinates are entered in the format selected in “Settings | Application | Coordinates”.

Ahh, right.
I meant in the app. :slight_smile:

I checke and “Go to” works. Thank you for the explanation.

Low priority usability enhancement request:
Could you make it so it accept use of both “,” and “.”?
It is a bit cumbersome having to exchange one with the other manually.

Copying from google I get:
“55,6488167, 9,3112889” which is a rather annoying format.


Are you sure? Google Maps should give you ‘.’ and not ‘,’? Could you explain where exactly you copy the coordinates from Google Maps?

On the desktop it looks like this:


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On desktop Gmaps I have . but on my phone there is ,
I think it depends on OS localization, I have Czech.

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It is from Google maps using an android phone with Danish locale.
We use comma as decimal separator and dot as thousand separator. (Reverse from US)

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So… Basically I see it as a Google bug, but I think it’s easier to get Kurviger to be flexible with the format, than get Google to change the format…

Pragmatic approach and all that :slight_smile:

This post also kind of tells us that the “go to” is a bit hidden. Maybe the search should accept these values in the future first place?

We have thought of that, though writing coordinate numbers is not very convenient in first place, so it’s more down in todo list. Furthermore it’s not actually a search and would not have zoom function there.

Looks like the address provider “OpenCageData” can handle such comma separated coordinates from Google like e.g. “55,6488167, 9,3112889”
In the app:
settings | routing | address provider | OpenCageData
in german:
Einstellungen | Routenberechnung | Anbieter der Adresssuche | OpenCageData


Nice… I’ll have test that.