Constantly receiving "Route verlassen"

I have been using kurviger many times now, and besides of a few issues I’ve been very happy with kurviger. Well, I am still happy with it, but yesterday I encountered a problem which was really very very annoying.

On my roundtrip to Penserjoch from Munich it approximately happened 8 to 10 times that I suddenly received the instruction “Route verpasst”. Doesnt sound as a problem, but when you receive this announcement on and on, continuously without a break, it turns into a problem. In each of those cases I had to kill the kurviger app and restart it and the navigation.

It happened on parts of my route where I was clearly on the road (eg. Brenner Landstrasse, Sylvensteinsee).

The only noticeable observation I made was, that this error occured only when I had my display turned off. It didnt happen when I had kurviger active running visible on my display.

In fact when I killed kurviger, restarted it and left it active on my screen, I noticed no error. In some cases however when I turned off the display again, shortly after I received the error “Route verpasst” again and again.

Furthermore when I activated my display to check the issue after receiving this announcement kurviger was kind of “flickering” back and forth between normal navigation and the mode “Route verpasst” - very strange.

I never encountered this problem before. I am still using the same device (Samsung S8), which I use only for navigation. I kind of use the same settings in kurviger as I have been always using. The only obvious difference is that previously I used my other mobile phone as hotspot and used Wifi on my Samsung S8. Since this year I am now using a mobile data card directly in my Samsung. I didnt check whether I lost connectivity in those situations, but as the problem disappeared after I restarted kurviger, I assume it was not the case.

Any idea why this is happening? Is there any new setting I am not aware of, which I have to set in order to avoid this?

Had the same problem and posted it here

I guess this was because of no proper internet connection. But the error message is misleading here. It says “missed route” instead of “no internet connection”.

A “Route missed” message can only come if GPS sensor reports locations away from route (for whatever reason).

If a rerouting is triggered and there is not internet, there is a specific “No internet connection” voice message.

Could be related with device lost GPS in background for battery optimization?
Has anything changed in the device regarding to that?

Can see also here:

Better to understand first what happened instead of make assumptions, specially if works elsewhere and cannot reproduce it. :slightly_smiling_face:

Sorry, you misunderstood the answers.

In other words I mentioned above that we need to understand the case, see if other users have it and try to reproduce it, so can debug it properly.

Usually application problems should happen in most devices and be reproducible. If only I have the problem on my device then the search starts on why that specific device has that erroneous behavior and proceed from there.

So there can be no clear answer in such a short time, without examining or thinking all the variables.

I use Kurviger App a lot and, of course, there are still some issues and problems which I did not hesitate to mention in this forum - but:
What YOU describe I never noticed!

That means, it sounds more as a specific problem on YOUR device than as a general Kurviger problem.

So please try to be fair and patient with the developers who try to understand and narrow down your problem first.


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