Configure voice guidance content

Dear developers
could you make the advices, the spoken texts, configurable?
I wish I could have a loud high pitch beep for ‘turn right’ and a loud low pitch beep for ‘turn left’ for instance. Just for explaining the idea.
Regards, Hubert

We use device text-to-speech engine without many modifications for optimal result.

Does any navigation system offers a different speech per instruction type?

Probably not. Don’t know.

Yes there are navigation devices that offer this. A friend of mine used to have one where you could record your own sounds. As a prank I once recorded absolutely unhelpful instructions to irritate him the next time he uses the navi :slight_smile:. I think it was a TomTom.

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There are not too many texts to be read. Mostly turn left or right or take the 3rd exit.
If bringing the option of recorded sounds would not need too much development efforts it could also bring a new facette of personal binding of the user to “his” app, and maybe even bring further sales because of options others don’t have.

Actually before Text-to-Speech becomes mainstream or supports so many languages, I used pre-recorded samples in my navigation engine.

It’s not so simple, there are several multilingual instructions, many number combinations for distances, units in metric / imperial systems and even the decimal separator needs special care.

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A combination of both, to choose from, text-to-speech as pre-configured and a custom list as Pro-Feature in an ‘expert’-menu for example, could not be possible?

If mean to allow playing custom sound files, that’s more complicated and will be more difficult from next Android where apps can have free access only into their own folder area, i.e. require file manager.

Garmin 62s, 64s and Montana all use various beeps. They work great. Nice and simple.

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