Closed Roads

It would be great if you could simply mark streets when there are blocked due to road works (as with Tomtom) and the app would reschedule the route to the the next point. Often, road closures are not known in advance because they are daytime construction sites. You can do it manually without any problems, but automatic would be much more comfortable.

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Avoid roadblock is already available in application:
(press top-left navigation panel)

If mean to set block areas in route planning, that is programmed for the future:
(but it loads the server, so we need to think how it can be offered)

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But who is “you”? :thinking:

OSM ist die Basis für kurviger - aber das kurviger-Team kann unmöglich Straßensperren in OSM einpflegen, das müssten die Straßenbauämter machen.
Kürzlich sah ich ein Schild: “Gesperrt vom 14.09. bis zum 25.09.” - wäre doch super, wenn derjenige, der dieses Schild aufgestellt hat auch verpflichtet würde, die Daten in OSM einzutragen. Allein, mir fehlt der Glaube!

OSM is the basis for kurviger - but the kurviger team cannot possibly enter roadblocks in OSM, the road construction offices would have to do that.
Recently I saw a sign: “Closed from 14.09. to 25.09.” - it would be great if the person who put up this sign would also be obliged to enter the data in OSM. Alone, I lack faith!

Verpflichtung geht nicht… Bei OSM ist ja vom Prinzip her alles freiwillig :slight_smile:

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Das schlimme ist ja, dass die Daten öffentlich zugänglich sind, aber die Lizenz der Daten meist nicht mit der OSM Lizenz vereinbar ist, daher können die Daten nicht einfach in OSM übertragen werden.

Siehe z.B. diesen Thread hier:

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I used this function many times on my last trip and it works very good for unexpected blocked roads.
Just 3 klicks. Brilliant! :+1:

Only at one situation it didn’t helped because of 2 blocked roads at same time / crossroad.

I marked raod A as blocked and I was rerouted over road B which was also blocked.
When I marked road B as blocked afterwards, I was rerouted over road A.
A deadlock and I had to find a solution on my own. :smile:

Any advice?

I just started using (and calimoto). I don’t get it. Sorry, I’m so upset. Almost every navigation tool on earth has access to up-to-date information on closed roads and uses it successfully (most of the time) to calculate a detour. Why not As far as I know in Deutschland these informations must be made available online publicly for free. In the example below the road is not “potentially closed” but definitively absolutely closed most probably till december or longer. You could say it doesn’t even really exist at the moment. And kurviger knows it from the related OSM data. Why would anyone want to plan to use it? I ran into multiple of these trying to cross the Schwarzwald two weeks ago and was forced to use boring straight roads instead. I’d rather like to support an website/application that guides me routes I can really use.
And how can you miss out to display (potentially) closed roads right away?

  • Calculate route
  • Sorry, we’re closed
  • Add shaping point
  • Sorry, that’s closed, too.
  • :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

I imagine that you are a low budget project with lots of work for little revenue. But, please, this is important. This needs to be included first. This is like an online sneaker shop without the option to filter results by shoe size. (Yes, I’m talking about footlocker). Why care about exporting routes to any fancy navigation device/app if it tries to take me to unaccesible bends.

<Swallowing several valerian, passion flower, lavender and other plant-based sedative pills> Sorry, for the harsh critics. Great website. Thank You very much. Showed me fun roads I might never have found otherwise.

Would be great - but that’s not true (unfortunately).

Because the plan is for 2022?

Btw: in kurviger you get the information that this road is closed until Dec 17 - in calimoto there is no warning at all. Have fun to stand in front of the barrier …


Please see also the documentation:

Yes that is correct, the information is publicly available. The issue is that this information is not provided in a way that it could be used, the issue is two sided:

  • License incompatibility (even worse, every state (Bundesland) has different licenses and different data)
  • The data is not provided in a way that we could actually automatically include this (if the license would allow this)

That is actually quite important. Also in winter you want to included closed passes in the mountains.

Things get even more tricky when you think about roads that are closed on certain days (weekend closures). We don’t know when you want to ride, so we show you that there is a potential issue, so you as a user can decide if you want to use the road or not.

You mean on the map, without having to plan a route? That is actually on the todo list - but there are technical limitations that needs to be solved beforehand :slight_smile:

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Well, I guess your todo list is not too crowded. :kissing_heart: Add this:

  • Display a Label on closed roads with the times dates when they are blocked right in the
  • tapping on that label will make route planning avoid the blocked road
  • of course there must be a option checkbox “avoid all (potentially) closed roads. “

Thanks for your feedback. Improving the handling of closed roads is already on the todo list :slight_smile:.


Ich springe hier nur kurz rein, damit ich auf dem Laufenden bleibe. Gesperrte Straßen sind ja mit dem Motorrad oft passierbar, zumindest am Wochenende. Nichts desto trotz wäre eine Erkennung in der OSM super. Freut mich, daß daran gearbeitet wird. Temporäre Sperrungen oder nur an bestimmten Wochentagen bzw. Passsperrungen im Winter sind doch eigentlich mit dem Aktuellen Datum im Handy/Computer abgleichbar… Ich stelle mir das vielleicht zu leicht vor, aber das müsste doch gehen. Wenn ich die Route natürlich 3 Monate im Voraus plane (mache ich persönlich allerdings nie…), dann ist das natürlich ein Thema. Man müsste vom User verlangen, daß er das Reisedatum eingibt. Evtl. als Option? Ohne Datumsangabe - aktueller Stand, mit datumsangabe eben dann datumsspezifisch.

Dates with the many different formats and time zones are difficult to enter / parse / process.

Besides the website and application straight line route profile…

…much simpler would be an on / off option (like other apps):

In the app I can only support simple on / off switches, like the existing avoidance options.