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Closed Roads

It would be great if you could simply mark streets when there are blocked due to road works (as with Tomtom) and the app would reschedule the route to the the next point. Often, road closures are not known in advance because they are daytime construction sites. You can do it manually without any problems, but automatic would be much more comfortable.

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Avoid roadblock is already available in application:
(press top-left navigation panel)

If mean to set block areas in route planning, that is programmed for the future:
(but it loads the server, so we need to think how it can be offered)

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But who is “you”? :thinking:

OSM ist die Basis für kurviger - aber das kurviger-Team kann unmöglich Straßensperren in OSM einpflegen, das müssten die Straßenbauämter machen.
Kürzlich sah ich ein Schild: “Gesperrt vom 14.09. bis zum 25.09.” - wäre doch super, wenn derjenige, der dieses Schild aufgestellt hat auch verpflichtet würde, die Daten in OSM einzutragen. Allein, mir fehlt der Glaube!

OSM is the basis for kurviger - but the kurviger team cannot possibly enter roadblocks in OSM, the road construction offices would have to do that.
Recently I saw a sign: “Closed from 14.09. to 25.09.” - it would be great if the person who put up this sign would also be obliged to enter the data in OSM. Alone, I lack faith!

Verpflichtung geht nicht… Bei OSM ist ja vom Prinzip her alles freiwillig :slight_smile:

Das schlimme ist ja, dass die Daten öffentlich zugänglich sind, aber die Lizenz der Daten meist nicht mit der OSM Lizenz vereinbar ist, daher können die Daten nicht einfach in OSM übertragen werden.

Siehe z.B. diesen Thread hier: https://forum.openstreetmap.org/viewtopic.php?id=67275

I used this function many times on my last trip and it works very good for unexpected blocked roads.
Just 3 klicks. Brilliant! :+1:

Only at one situation it didn’t helped because of 2 blocked roads at same time / crossroad.

I marked raod A as blocked and I was rerouted over road B which was also blocked.
When I marked road B as blocked afterwards, I was rerouted over road A.
A deadlock and I had to find a solution on my own. :smile:

Any advice?