Change of Smartphones - Kurviger Pro 1.14


I changed my phone.
On my old phone I had Kurviger pro 1.14.
When I try to get Kurviger on my new phone, I get version 2.x without premium features.
How do I get my premium features back?


I think here’s the answer

I also paid for Pro version, and now use Kurviger 2 with subscription. The effort to mantain an app like Kurviger needs a subscription. 10 € / year is very reasonable IMHO.

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If you bought the old kurviger, it should still be in your Play store under manage apps and devices → manage → not installed. There you can select and install it.

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Not now, you need to find Kurviger pro in the app archive.

You can follow the Google Play Help instructions like all users and reinstall it:

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