Change Lanugage

Change language of the app

When I change the app language - all works fine. But the language is probably not updated correctly.


  • Start app, lang may be DE, everything is in DE, ok
  • Press user-profile - change lang to EN, everything is in EN, ok
  • Change back to DE, everything is in DE, ok
  • But: Press user-profile - though current language is DE, flag is changed back to EN, when the app is restarted, the app is in EN again.

Sometimes it works to change the language, then close the app and on the next restart the selected langauge is fine again. For now, I have to learn French. Le français est une très belle langue.

Thanks, I have seen this during testing as well and wanted to investigate this as well. Sometimes it seems to work, sometimes not, so this is a bit weird.

Yes, the same for me. The more I try the harder to reset the language. Feels, as it could be somethig with the history.

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