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Change created route and save under new name without overwriting


I have the following problem:
From time to time I need to slightly modify already created routes (e.g. change starting point). To do this, I load a route from the cloud, make changes and then want to save the new route under a new name AND keep the original route. Unfortunately, when I save under a new name, the original route is currently overwritten.
I’m probably just missing something.
Is it possible to save new route without overwriting the old route?

Maybe you could duplicate your browser window and then save that route as a new route?


Yes, you need to click the save button and then the save as new route button.

You can also load the route from the cloud. Go back into the folder and then select the “Save as new route” in the folder.

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Ah yes got it, thanks. I knew that was possible.
I also recognised the error. Cloud was still selected when I saved, just save in planning mode and everything is as I need it.
It can be that simple. Sorry for being blind. :see_no_evil:

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