Capitals type shaping or Shaping

@ Robin.
Importing a gpx route (or as wpt) Kurviger web recognizes waypoints by type via or shaping.
If the import type text contains a capital letter like Shaping then web promotes it as a Via
Can you change this so that recognition does not depend on capitalization? Kurviger app = ok.

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Sure. I am just wondering why? Is there any other software that uses this format that this would improve compatibility?

Personal Robin. I also encourage the exemplary use of the Kuviger waypoint combinations outside of the Kurviger forum. It often happens to me that I use Shaping (autofill) in texts and refer to Kurviger. Intended for manual gpx editor & notepad experimental edits. I find it annoying that this would detract from the Kurviger web experience. (app=more tolerant=preferred=ok). Roger ?

Ok, I added it to my todo list :+1:

Should be available now

Thank you Sir.