Can't fix bug in OSM data

I found a problem in OSM, which broke routing with Kurviger.

The agricultural track coming from the lower left side is one segment too long. It crosses the main road (NM 1) up to the track parallel to the main road. The minor/unclassified road coming from the upper right side is too short. It only touches the track, but it should actually touch the main road. The result is that it’s impossible to route from the main road NM 1 into the minor/unclassified road.

The problem is that I’m failing to fix this info in OSM. I don’t see a way to shorten the track and to lengthen the minor/unclassified road in the OSM web editor.

Could somebody please help me with this?

Could you please share a short Kurviger link with us so that the problem is better understood.

I’ll be happy to look at it then :wink:

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Sure enough:



Please take a look…

I have extended the road. The only question is whether you can then turn right from the main road into the side road.

Thank you!

Looking at OSM, the short segment is still part of the track/land-access road. I wonder if that’s sufficient for routing. I thought the segment should become part of the minor/unclassified road instead.


I have shortened the track so that it does not overlap with the short unclassified segment.

I think it should be ok now.


Great, thanks! Can you tell me how to shorten/lengthen a road in the OSM web editor? I tried it a while but I didn’t see a way to do that.

On a related note, the change to the street created a missing segment in the attached hiking route relations. I fixed this in OSM.


Ups, I have overseen that. I had used JOSM and errors seem to be possible very easy.

The editing menu of ways is hidden behind the right mouse button.
First you need to split the the way. Use [shift-key] to mark the way and the connection-point

Confirm that you want to have separate objects

Than you can move the ways separately.


Thanks a lot! That was not exactly obvious to me.


… great :ok_hand:

I’ve learned something too … :muscle: :wink: :partying_face: