Cannot zoom, pan, add route points : Windows 8.1 64 bit - browsers Opera, Edge, IExplore, Firefox full window

Hi, just saw a similar topic for Win 10.
I experience similar effects with the following browsers.
Motion CL920 4GB memory, Win 8.1 64 bit - Tablet.
Oracle JRE 32 bit and 64 bit are installed.
The machine is a spring clean installation with up-to-date browser versions and JRE versions installed + Garmin Basecamp & Mapsource.

Browsers: Opera, Edge, exhibit the following behavior:
Map is loaded and displayed with Africa in focus.
If a route is imported this route is focused.
Using the [+] and [-] buttons does not zoom in or out.
Using gestures on touch screen yields no reaction.

I also tried using a keyboard and mouse (Bluetooth Keboard with touchpad) as I thought it might be a touchscreen HID driver issue but using this input device does not yield different behavior.
Likewise using the active stylus wich comes with the Motion CL 9xx models

MS Internet Explorer does not display map but the the menus are presented can be operated.
The buttons are inoperable (as there is no map display)

A bit of a special case:
In full window mode gestures (zoom with two finger stretch) do not work.
Panning works and zoom is possible using the [+] and [-] ‘sceen buttons’.

Some time after editing a route (new or imported) the behavior changes and the pan (one finger move) morphs into a pan / zoom operation.

Strange enough : when not in full window mode (Firefox browser window covers only part of screen) the touch screen operation proceeds as normal (zoom: two finger stretch, pan: one finger move).
This change in behavior with firefox is reproducable.

A similar device - Motion CL910, 2GB, Win 7 32 bit - does not exhibit the behavior despite being from the same vendor with largely identical hardware.

For all of the above: no error messages are displayed with opening the map website or importing the sample routes I used for testing.

For comparison - using’s map and google maps does not exhibit any of the above shortcomings.
Likewise - using Garmin’s Basecamp and Mapsource applications zooming, panning and all other operations are nominal.


  1. is there any sort of debug mode for the website to check input operations ?
  2. is the use of a specific browser version relevant ? (i.e. 32 bit vs 64 bit)

I would appreciate any pointers to resolve these issues.

Thanks & best regards


Thanks a lot for the detailed analysis. It’s really interesting that these devices behave so differently. It’s also a bit weird, that IE shows no map at all.

What you could try is to open the browser console and check if there is any output there. Instructions on how to do this can be found for example here:

If there is any output, could you create a screenshot or copy the text?

This should make no difference. We recommend to use the latest version of a major browser with not browser plugins (as they often break websites). The best test coverage of the website is with Google Chrome / Chromium.