Cannot find Kurviger Pro app in Play Store

I just found out that the app I bought through Google Play no longer works.
Does that mean I wasted my money?

You can find out more about the previous versions and how to install them here: Current and previous versions of the Kurviger app [Kurviger Knowledgebase]

Was soll denn die Premium Version später kosten?

Which version?
What exactly is not working?
My Kurviger Pro 1.14.28 is still working.

Lasst uns bitte beim Thema bleiben. Ein Ankündigung für das zukünftige Premium-Angebot gibt es wenn alles so weit ist :+1:.

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Hello,I’ve changed my mobile phone and now I try to install the app “kurviger pro”,but this isn’t available in the Google Store. only the kurviger app and the new betaversion are available. I installed the beta version but now I miss the possibiliy to download maps for offline use.
can you help me?