Cannot delete a favorites collection

Good morning,

I don’t know how to delete a favorites collection, the button is disabled and it tells me “I can only empty collections”.
Do I have to delete point by point to delete a collection?


Yes, that is currently a limitation. It’s on the todo list, especially for large collections, that’s not really feasible to do this for every point.

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I’m cleaning the waypoints collections and it’s annoying and slow to have to delete the waypoints one by one, when will it be possible to delete an entire collection?

It’s still on the todo list I expect that this should be done in the nearer future, but as always I can’t provide you an ETA yet. As a intermediate solution, have you tried to rename the collections you don’t want anymore, starting with a Z or something like that, that way they would show up in the bottom at least.

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Ok, thanks.

Renaming is what I do now.
I have a lot of different favorite lists and there are always these nasty lists out there and I would love to tidy up. :wink:

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Preparing for the next trip and I have a lot of test waypoints files that don’t interest me but can’t be deleted. :frowning:
The idea of deleting the wps one by one and then being able to delete the file is not at all practical.

Do you know when we will be able to have a cleaner and more operational board?

Thanks !

This is still planned and I am expecting to create several new features for the cloud this season and I think this might be one of these :slight_smile:

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This took longer than I expected, but this is finally implemented. Please let me know if this works for you or if you see any issues with this?

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Oh, I can finally clean up the waypoint lists I had for testing and no longer use.
Thank you so much !