Calculation issue when going from A to B via a highway

[EN] I think I have found an issue with the route calculated by Kurviger

Hi all, I am using Kurviger Pro but I may have a question/issue.

When I want to go from A to B via a highway (main road) with the fastest possible route then Kurviger sends me off every exit on the highway and after that sends me right back onto the highway again instead of staying on the highway itself.

Perhaps I do something wrong, but I treid some differt settings with the same results.

Hallo Dirk,

indem Fall ist es immer hilfreich, wenn Du hier die Routen teilen könntest.

Hello, Dirk,

It is always helpful if you could share the routes here.

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Hi there,

Sorry for the delay in my response…

As an example for my routing issues is the following route (I added both Kurviger and Google maps):

And for Google maps:

What you will see right away is that the Google maps option is shorter than the Kurviger one.
If you follow the A2 highway the first deviation is at the place called Leende, where Kurviger wil l guide you from the highway and directly back again, the same is at Maarheeze (2 times) etc.

Perhaps I am missing a setting, but I think I did it correctly.

Hope this helps…

Aktuell helfen da nur “viele” Zwischenziele Das Problem sollte sich @boldtrn mal anschauen. Eine allgemeine Hilfe wäre sicher gut

Currently, the only thing that helps is “many” intermediate destinations @boldtrn should take a look at this problem. General help would certainly be good

Thanks a lot for reporting this case. It really is a bit weird that the motorways is exited permanently at this motorway. I will double check and see what happens here. The data so far looks correct to me, so maybe something else is wrong here.

I’m wondering if this problem is still actual for the web version?
As I experience until today (16-06-2021) still the same problem. When making a ‘fast’ route, just on the highway and in this case mostly the Dutch A7 near Groningen - Drachten - Heerenveen - Lemmer, it leads me almost every exit off the highway and again directly on the same highway. So I put a ‘black’ marker on every crossing.
For the small routes until now it’s not a big problem, but I would like to go through a lot of Europe when it’s possible after Corona…

I also noticed that it only leaves the highway when there’s also a direct ramp leading on that highway! When there’s another sort of crossing like a ramp off the highway without a direct ramp leading to that highway again, it stays on the highway.

Die Ursache sind falsch eingegebene Höchstgeschwindigkeiten bei den Auf- oder Abfahrten. Im Raume München habe ich schon ein gefühltes halbes Dutzend solcher Fehler bereinigt.
In diesem Fall bei Leek sind beide Auffahrten mit 130 km/h definiert, während die Hauptstrecke richtig mit 100 km/h ausgewiesen ist.

Kurviger errechnet halt eine schnellere Route über die Auffahrt.

Natürlich wäre ein Algorithmus vorteilhaft, der erkennt, dass nach weniger als einem Kilometer die ursprüngliche Straße wieder befahren wird, und die “Abkürzung” dann unterlässt.

The cause is incorrectly entered maximum speeds for ascents or descents. In the Munich area, I have already corrected half a dozen such errors.
In this case at Leek, both on-ramps are defined with 130 km/h, while the main line is correctly defined with 100 km/h.

Kurviger just calculates a faster route over the driveway.

Of course, it would be beneficial to have an algorithm that recognizes that after less than a kilometer the original road will be used again, and then omits the “shortcut”.


@zaphod_42 well, in this case there is a comment in OSM.
So maybe the entry in OSM is not “incorrect”

Counterintuitively, the maxspeed on this on-ramp is 130 km/h instead of the lower speed posted on the main road due to it having only a G1 (start motorway) sign at the start

… And Kurviger thinks that 130km/h is faster than 100km/h :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Here it seems to be a dutch special case:

So it look like a maps issue (OSM)
Since Google maps, calculates correctly.

Wonderful analysis. Good research work. :+1:

Thnx for the answer.Now I understand there’s a lot of work to be done. I’ll keep on checking my routes untill the problem is solved.