Calculation is stopping after 140 waypoints - what can I do?

The route calculation seems to take very long. You can try resolving this by moving your waypoints, adding a waypoint between your current waypoints or using a different route profile.

Nothing works.

This is not necessarily due to the number of waypoints - here is a (negative) example with 200 WP:
Probably the length of the URL, where each waypoint is listed with name, is the limit. So? I would simply split the route - with my example here:


How far apart are you waypoints, it could be that if waypoints are very far from each other, that an actual timeout is happening. The other thing would be the URL length as well.

Thank you all.

I changed the name of some waypoints and moved it in a better position. Seams to work for the moment.

Is this the way to shorten the URL?

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Yes this is one way to shorten the URL :+1: