Calculate or convert times in Excel

When I use the Excel Roadbook, there are numbers for distance and time that I can’t do anything with.
Regarding the distances, I was able to convert the values correctly using formulas, so that the “km” or “m” traveled are actually displayed.
But that seems impossible with regard to the times. Can someone explain what I’m doing wrong and how I can calculate times that show hours and minutes?
In the turn instructions column (left side of the screen) it looks like this
5.37km (26.27km) 25min (56min)
with the button “Export Road Book” it becomes in Excel to
5374 26268 1483 3347
What is that supposed to mean. How do I have to deal with it?

May you post your Excel file?

Thank you for your answer!
In the meantime, I’ve found that the supposedly unusable numbers are the time in seconds. This enables me to convert the numbers accordingly so that I can see hours and minutes.
I saw it in your Excel sheet.
Unfortunately I am not able to work with your sheet, because there is write-protected.
I can write in it, but i can’t paste the the copied data
How can I use it?

Aagain I would ask you to post the Excel.
There’s still a problem with your request:
The sheet is intended to be used directly, which means that all necessary input cells are unprotected.
Only cells that are used for internal calculation are protected.
That’s why I do not understand your question “How can I use it?”.
Perhaps you tray to paste the copied data into a wrong starting cell?