Buying kurviger tourer?

I don’t have a credit card or PayPal, can I still buy a kurviger tourer subscription?

Thanks for asking. Unfortunately, it is currently not possible to pay with other payment options at this point. We are looking at adding more options in the future.

In the meantime, if you don’t want to get a real credit card, there are prepaid credit cards available. These can be used relatively anonymously, the way they work is that you top them up with a certain amount and then you can spend that amount, when it’s gone, you need to recharge or can’t use the credit card anymore.

In addition, in some countries there are options like buying a coupon card (like Paysafe) in a local shop and use that in PayPal (e.g. see here).

Thank you, this was very helpful. (i originally had a question here but i found an answer somewhere else :slight_smile: )