Buttons "Previous / Next waypoint" in waypoint panel

After clicking on an waypoint a crosshair is set on the waypoint and details are shown in left panel:

I suggest to add two buttons “Goto previous waypoint” and “Goto next waypoint” to that panel, so that you can step through all waypoints: The crosshair steps to previous / next waypoint, the map is panned so that waypoint is in center and details of new waypoint are shown.

Perhaps also two further buttons could be added: “Goto previous / next suspicious U-Turn” to find U-Turns as discussed in


Yes exactly that is already planned :slight_smile:


This should be resolved now: Website: Redesigned Waypoint Widget


Jumping to the waypoint works well for Start, Previous, Next :+1:
But when clicking onto End then in the map it’s jumping to the start instead to the end :unamused:.

Yes - a very good solution :+1:

But I can see also a bug in the route of @WalterG : Clicking on destination icon selects destination, but map is panned to start - but I assume this will be fixed soon by @boldtrn :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you very much for finding and reporting this issue @WalterG :tada:

Should be fixed in about 5 minutes :slight_smile:


Well done :+1:.Now it works :+1:. Good solution :+1:.

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Works also for me :+1:. Thanks for the exreme fast fix!

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