Bug in the elevation chart when going through a tunnel

Hello !
I just found a (little) bug on the Kurviger website. I don’t now if it occurs in the Kurviger app…
I just prepared a route in Norway, were the highest point will be at about 1300 m of altitude.
Curiously on the elevation chart the highest altitude is more than 2000 meters.
So I let my mouse hover over the chart, to see were this high altitude will be.
In fact the problem is simple : when you go through a tunnel, the shown altitude is not the altitude in the tunnel but the one of the mountains verticaly above the tunnel !
On the other side, with tunnel crossing fjords below sealevel (with negative altitudes), the shown altitude is 0 meters.
Not a big problem, but on sections with tunnels the elevation chart becomes a little useless !


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