Bug in map selector

The map style selector switches back to “Kurviger Liberty” or “Esri Street” after opening it - regardless of which map style was selected before.

I tried this on Android tablet with Chrome, Firefox and Opera, same behaviour.
It is not an severe or urgent topic, because you can select the map style you want - I recognized this when I wanted to step through all map styles - I have to remember the last style myself.

That is an issue with touch panels when short touching the map selector.

At long touching there is an issue too (see screenshot):

Operating with mouse is working ok. At mouseover it is as it should be (see screenshot):

The issue at touch panels (short touch and long touch) should be solved :wink:.

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I can see the same behaviour with long touch on map selector button and also on map selector itself.

It seems that the map below gets a long touch.

What should happen after long touch on map selector / map selector button?

Thanks a lot for reporting this issue. The whole map will need a bit of love as one of the next big things to change. I will put this on my todo list to double check when working on the map.

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This, and many other touch related problems should have been fixed a few weeks ago, when we updated the map library :slight_smile:.


Did a short check in Chrome: Issues fixed! :+1: